Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Port Aransis extravaganza

From the halls of Montazuma to the shores of Port Aransis...LBP has been to the coast and brought the funk to the sand folk. We headed out around 1ish on sat and the fun didn't stop till we made it home that Sunday afternoon. First we should point out that the ride up there had several recurring themes. Most prevalent was my welcomed traveling habit of finding the filthiest smut available at the gas stations we passed. Getting out of Houston took awhile since it took like 4 stops to get everyone's bladder emptied and filled again with beer. In that time I took it upon myself to find what I like to call "conversational porn". This is porn that is in no way intended to arouse but instead to make one think. In addition to that there was a long discussion on the artist of particular song entitled "This is it". There was a 50/50 split on whether Michael McDonald or Kenny Logins sung the song. After some research I found out I was right and Kenny Logins is the one who wrote it.

When we got into town we went straight to the club aptly named "Neptunes". We set up and were generally pleased with the arrangement although we received a lecture from one of the owners about how loud we were allowed to get. From there we went to our good friend Trip's beach condo. It was very very nice I must say...while there we bull shitted and listened to Jeff go on about how he threw up at work and wouldn't lay claim to it. After enjoying our selves at Trip's beachside chateau we went to the club to play. Lucky for us we had an opener who was just our speed....an older gentlemen playing acoustic classics such as "The Oscar Mayer Song", "Budweiser King of Beers commercial theme", and many many other memorable TV jingles. Needless to say the 7 people in the audience were at the point of breaking with the amount of bitching showmanship that the opener provided so we had to muster the power to rock just as hard as he did.

For the entirety of the night we had about 10 people in the bar and held the attention of maybe half of them at any given point. The famous Red Hat ladies of San Antonio stayed until they had to take their teeth out and go to bed. All in all I must say that the trip was a success and we hope to return with greater numbers.

Saturday, May 15, 2004

Chappelle loves his money

Our gig at the Improv the other day was soso. We got to play for bunch of people who were waiting to see Dave but a majority of them weren't very into the music. In addition to that we couldn't actually get into the show to see the man...in fact if you weren't on the wait staff that night you couldn't see him for free. Chappelle's peeps made is expressly known that no free tickets were to be given away. I'm guessing that since Dave is on top of his game at the moment with the best show on Comedy Central he can call those shots. We did have a "hermonica Joe" ask us if he could sit in for a song. Marc said sure and told him it would be in the second set. The man then said cool I'll go get my harps. When he came back the man had his harps, and a fresh shirt...he was ready to play. Sad thing is Marc neglected to give him the sign and "hermonica joe" was given an apology at the end of the show.

Yesterday we played the Rhythm Room for the first time. I liked the feel of the club very much...it had a run down, worn in feeling that made it really easy to play in. In addition to that the sound set up was much better most placed. It is nice to have a monitor every once in awhile and not have to strain to hear Marc's loops. The sad thing is there weren't that many folks...especially for the main act Rightious Buddha. I think we may have pulled more cash in then they did which blows cuz they came all the way from Baton Rouge. We all stuck around for a good bit to hear them go at it because they know how to throw it down. Think the same instrimental set up as MMW(drums, upright, and B3) but keep the general idea in that Orleans boogaloo that we all know and love. Next time these cats are in town I highly encourge any fans of dirty organ funk to make an apperance.

Next week has us visiting Drop Trio's Funk Jam Friday @ Brasil's. This will be an all instrumental set for those of you who dig that, and we'll also have to be a bit quieter than usual. In case you don't know any time we book a gig where we have to play "quieter" it rarely lasts the entire night. If you haven't been to Brasil's yet it is a treat. They have a wide variety of cafe goodies including a nice selection of beers. The show should start around 9ish but come out early and eat dinner. Hope you can all make it.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

We've been requested

I have it on good authority that LBP has been played on our very own KPFT 90.1 not once....but twice. For those of you who called in and demanded that the groove be played thank you. That alone made my day and the rest of the family can rejoice in our emergence onto the air waves. Let this be a lesson to all...don't be afraid to call the cats at 90.1 because if you call them, they will play us.


Monday, May 10, 2004

Let's not forget LBP Presents

I'm sure you have gotten the mailings about the new project that LBP has undertaken...LBP Presents. Like our good friends Drop Trio, we have made our Thursday nights at Dean's a rotating smorgasbord of great bands around Texas. Every first Thursday of the month will be played by yours truly LBP. Following Thursdays will be performed by choice bands that we personally select from only the finest grown bands around. We start by scouring only the best urban developments, then we formally petition the bands to play, finally we twist them into submission by providing a lush environment for them to frolic in....ahh the wonders of nature.

Here are the bands for this month:

5/13 Drop Trio - You've come to know and love the funk that DT brings @ Brasil's now here them @ Dean's...best organ jazz/funk around
5/20 Sky Blue 72 - Jessica Zweback fronts this power trio with her brother Frank manning the bass and Davis Jumper on guitar....pop/rock with true talent at the helm

5/27 Plump - Don't miss the jam cuz Plump is sure to bring it. Lowdown, dirty and satisfying...Plump

Saturday, May 08, 2004

Yes...we played at a place called "Jitterbug's"

Hello everyone! I know it's been awhile but we haven't been busy enough for me to write a blog...and it is hard to write a blog when you loose the password to this thing. As the title indicates we have played at a place called "Jitterbug's" and it wasn't so bad. We all headed up there around 6 and we got there for 9ish. The atmosphere was Urban Cowboy to the T. The crowd was a healthy mix of pressed Wrangler jeans and high school seniors. There was also one guy who looked like he was transported from the 1970 Boston Marathon. He as sporting those super short jogging shorts and some striped socks, which caught Marty's eye real quick. The event itself was a battle of the bands. Tyson booked this gig with the knowledge that we would take this place's money. In fact he told the guy "You better have our money ready....because we're going to take it.", and sure enough we did. We won a smooth 1000 G for 12 minutes worth of playing. The rest of the acts were heavy screaming rock bands which I'm sure didn't sit well with the judges. The very last band just refused to stop playing and it was awesome. First they turned off the mic, then the PA, then the power, and finally they got bouncers up on stage to throw them off. All in all we had a great time and the thousand dollars was just icing on the cake.

This coming week for us is booked solid with awesome gigs. Thursday we have the much anticipated Dave Chappelle gig, Friday has us playing at the Rhythm Room, and Saturday we make our first run to Lubbock. LBP is back on track for the summer and look to see us doing lots of things in and out of town...join the crew and make it out.