Monday, November 30, 2009

"............I Do."

What a long week. We had 5 out of 6 days that included a gig, rehearsal or some other stretch of our musical muscles.

We played our acoustic show and it proved to be a nice change of pace for us as a band. The Carolyn gig at Dans was a blast. Her fans enjoyed us and our people had a great time.

I want to save most of my time for Tyson's and Jessica's big day. November 28, 2009.

It started around noon for the band. Tyson was out of pocket all weekend with Wedding responsibilities but that didn't mean he wouldn't micromanage us via text. You may laugh, but it is so very necessary when a jack ass like me is running things in his absence.

I picked up Phyve at roughly 1pm and headed to the St. Regis. We set up our gear and then headed over to the courtyard at St. James. This is where the actual wedding took place. Phyve and I were part of the wedding. We were on a balcony set up to do an acoustic version of Al Green's "Lets Stay Together". (not "Lets get it On" By Marvin Gaye as my previous email was wrong. That is what I get for trying to handle things while still asleep.). This is where Phyve starting in with his own version of BrideZilla. "I think the mic should be here, I want the spot light on me, we should be up on that balcony, are you sure this is going to sound good?".

I say all of this with a laugh because he isn't a Prima Donna, as it may appear. He has one of the best senses of humor I have ever known. So, I fall in line and we become two "artists" sitting on a balcony playing a wedding, singing a cover song. All things that we have vowed never to do in the past. But, this is for Tyson and Jessica, we might as well run with it!

This quickly turned into a decision to become a wedding band, just the two of us. We will be working on a CD of Wedding Songs. Phyve also said this, "No Marc, you don't need to play acoustic at every show, I will just do them without you". Wow, thanks buddy. ha-ha.

Since we have only played a small handful of weddings our CD will have the following tracks. "Lets Stay Together."

Huh? How is this possible? We are a jam band my friends, we do it this way.

1. Lets Stay Together, A Capella
2. Lets Stay Together, Instrumental
3. Lets Stay Together, the extended version
4. Lets Stay Together, the short version
5. Lets Stay Together, the how much longer can this stupid joke continue?, version.

Needless to say, there will be no wedding CD.

We perform in the wedding and it works out wonderfully. Everyone says "You have the voice of an angel". I felt bad for Phyve because, my voice has a tendency to remind one of angels and I assumed that was meant for me. Apparently, I am the ONLY one who loves my singing.

Back to the St. Regis for soundcheck. This is at 8pm. Then its over at 8:15pm. This is when we typically get ourselves into trouble. Four hours of downtime before the gig and NOTHING to do.

I will leave that section of time to your imaginations.

By Midnight we were supposed to play. The crowd didnt show up until 1230 or so. The "open bar" was set up and as Phyve and Marty tried to get drinks, the waiters/waitresses became more and more rude to them. Apparently, they thought we were "the help" just trying to eat and drink for free. It was actually pretty funny and we started our set as soon as Tyson and Jessica arrived.

We played "Lets Stay Together" as an electric outfit while they danced to it solo. Immediately following we had a nice surprise for them.

Phyve had an idea for them to sing a song. I gave a very short speech welcoming Jessica to our family of dysfunction and handed them pieces of paper. They contained the lyrics to Sonny and Cher's "I Got You Babe" with the lines separated for each of them to sing. Funny stuff.

From there it was upbeat and dancing all night long. I got home 4am and we ended our long week of music. It was a blast.

See you all soon,

Marc Reczek

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The Boat May Rock? The Boat DID Rock!!

This weekend we played a private party at a Yacht club in Kemah, TX.

We showed up on time and were ready to play within one minute of our contracted start time. (always cutting it close) It was an outside gig and super hot. Not knowing what to expect, we dove into the set and started with Penny Fortune. (About a 7 min version).

Looking out across the lawn we saw groups of people eating and drinking. There was one awesome theme, they ALL HAD MULLETS! Wigs for sure, but a mullet party? WOW!! Funny none the less.

Much to our surprise the crowd was very receptive and the dancing started. We played a solid two hour set that wrapped up with a stage full of ladies singing "The Boat May Rock", as well as Come Together. Because of the Mullet Spirit taking control over me, I led us into a rocking Sweet Home Alabama which was sung by one of the guys at the party.

We tried to wrap it up after that climax and the crowd wouldn't let us sit down. They all cheered for one more and we ended the set with Lullaby. It was a great night.

Marc Reczek - Guitar

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Fingers HURT!!!!!!

You would think that after 22 years of playing guitar my calluses would be as hard as rock but nooooooo. "Lets take a little time off before we get busy again" - Marc

Yea, great idea dumb ass.

We rehearsed last night for the first time in a few weeks. Damn, my hands are out of shape.

Time to get busy.

Marc Reczek-Guitar.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

We all live in a Yellow Submarine. Well, sort of...

Its official!! Little Brother Project will now be riding in style to all of our out of town gigs. We now have a travel trailer that will sleep us all.

Its awesome. Central Air, full sized refrigerator, shower and toilet, three beds, a wall that slides out for more room and even an awning for us to set up some chairs outside and shoot the breeze.

All we have to do is pay $15 for a spot to hook it up to electricity and the crapper. Oh, the joy. Wonder who will be the first person to never be allowed to use the crapper again!!!


Marc Reczek, Guitar.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Little Brother Project is on twitter

Go to to follow Little Brother Project on twitter.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Taking things slow, to start over fresh

Long time, no write.

Years ago I used to pen all of the LBP emails. Over time, for one reason or another, I slowed down with my self proclaimed, witty emails. Now we are starting with a new perspective and going through a bit of an overhaul. This blog will be one of many new changes.

I will try to keep most of these short and sweet. I hope to start something that will allow us to get back in touch with our friends, fans and partners who have stayed with us over the years.

Here's to a new phase of Little Brother Project. Wish me luck.

Marc Reczek, Guitar.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

"LBP Time" at Dan Electro's

Hey Family,
I'm sure that we're not the only group in the world who fib slightly about the time that their event is going to start in order to make sure that people are on time. We call it "LBP Time" and it goes something like this:
1. The show (really) is supposed to start at 11:15
2. Sound Check is supposed to (really) happen at 9:45
3. The club tells us that sound check is at 8:30
4. We show up at 9:15
5. We tell you that the show starts at 10:30
6. You show up at 11:00
.....and every thing's cool... right?

Well, considering the conversation that I overheard Saturday night at Dan Electro's, I think we might have "LBP Time"ed you guys one time too many.

So, we're set to play at 10:00. We're the first band so we're really supposed to play at 10. It's about 9;35. I'm set up, Phyve has sound checked and Morris is ready to go. Marc is going to show up at 9:58 because he's a huge f-ing rock star and that's what huge f-ing rock stars do :)

There's a group of (about) 5 people lingering at the door. One member of the group is talking to the door guy. I walk by and hear this............

Girl: "Little Brother Project plays at 10, right"?
Door Guy: "Yeah, I think so"
Girl: "No, I'm serious, LBP plays at 10, ..........right"?
Door Guy: "Yes, they play at 10"
Girl: "10 o' clock, yes"?
Door Guy: "Yes"
Girl: "10 o'clock, not 11 o'clock, right"?
Goor Guy" Um..yeah"
Girl: "10 - 0 - 0, not 10:45, not 10:30"?
Door Guy: "10:00"
Girl "Not 10:15"?
Door Guy: (now getting nervous that he was wrong) "10:00"????? "I think"????
Girl: "Dude, seriously, look me in the eye and tell me that they're really going to start at 10"!
Door Guy: "Um...well....uh.....I......."

This is where I step in, smile and say, "yeah, we play at 10".
She nods, looks to her group and motions for them to come in, "Little Brother plays at 10, and it's only 7 bucks"!!!!

"Girl", please forgive me for not knowing your name, I hope you guys had a blast :)

Saturday was a lot of fun for us,
We'll see you all soon
Coy, LBP Bass